Magnolia Webcam and Geiger Counter

This camera faces west onto Puget Sound from Magnolia in Seattle, about 100 feet above sea level and about a mile south of West Point. 

See notes on how to operate this with your browser below.

Its three-frame animation lets you watch the clouds and water surface for general wind direction and strength. 

You can find out exactly which ships you're seeing with Pugest Sound Marine Ship Traffic Info.

For backup, a different cam and computer at the same location generate the one-frame image below.


 Here's a useful tidal current for watersports users of this site, and the tides themselves.  For the iPhone, I recommend "AyeTides"-- twist sideways, and you can pinpoint tides at any future time with a touch.

Important wind info links:  NOAA marine forecast for Puget Sound,  West Point current winds and NW Wind Reports Page.   On the latter, look for increasing gradients between Olympia and Bellingham to cause more wind; decreasing to shut it off.  A 2mb (or .06") difference between OLM and BLI will power a 6.5 sail (or 15m2 kite) in Puget Sound.  A NOAA gradient page is here.  In it,  the hours are in GMT; subtract 7 in the summer, 8 in the winter.  Caution: NOAA's West Point winds are often an hour or more out of date and 4 kts exaggerated (iWindsurf doesn't admit this). Other useful info from Weather Underground:

Click for Seattle, Washington Forecast  

The real-time monitoring picture from my geiger counter at this location is immediately below.  Normal background mean value (see bottom of chart) is 11-13 counts per minute.   Increases above that are due to abnormal things.

Current radiation in Magnolia in Counts Per Minute  



Operation Notes:

Images on the looped image at the top of this page are uploaded to the brichmond site twice a minute and placed in first in-first out filenames.  Then the picture displays batches of 3 or more of the images every 5 seconds, with .5 seconds between the pictures in the batch.  After a minute or so, all three pictures should be new.   N.B: this won't work right unless you pull down the Tools list, and then click Internet options; settings; check for newer version of page every visit to the page.  This'll make sure that the looping doesn't work off the computer's cache, and instead uses new images taken by the camera.   You might have to reload once in a while if the image update on the server gets out of synch.  For those interested, the images are generated by old videocams because they have much better telephoto lenses than the usual webcam or netcam.  They're then each digitized by a TV-card in a PC.

Please send comments or reports of cam failures to   w e b c a m @ b r i c h m o n d . c o m  (spaces there only to stop spam from bots, sorry).

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